Inclusion & Diversity

FOREFRONT has a longstanding commitment to diversity and considers it a competitive advantage
in serving clients.

Our goal is to provide equal opportunity and affirmative action for consultants and contractors, FOREFRONT carries out programs on behalf of persons including women, minorities, people with disabilities, special disabled veterans and other veterans covered by the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act of 1974, as amended. This includes outreach of our teaming partners that ensures equity in compensation and opportunity for growth and development.

FOREFRONT has a deep commitment to diversity. We also understand that diversity goes beyond fair hiring practices and protection for all employees. It also includes a focus on how those disparate components work together to create an innovative and encompassing whole. We believe this to the very essence of the idea of "inclusion." While the things that make us different shape who we are as individuals, it is our shared philosophy towards this corporate culture and values that remain the central focus toward mutual success. FOREFRONT consultants conduct their work with this in mind and in work environments where diversity—including diversity of thought—is the norm. This yields a constant commitment to creating diverse array of solutions for our clients that are inclusive and that moves innovation forward in every part of our approach to business.

Social Responsibility

FOREFRONT pursues the highest standards of social responsibility throughout our firm— from how we support and empower our consultants, to how we work with our clients, to how we govern the corporation.

FOREFRONT believes that a company culture based on core values not only helps our business, but also defines the role that we can and should play in our communities, state, nation and the world.
  • We identify and act upon new opportunities to apply our skills, knowledge and expertise to societal problems.
  • We provide our existing services and initiatives to achieve maximum benefit.
  • We empower and support our consultants and partners to serve their communities.
  • We integrate corporate citizenship and social responsibility into every aspect of our firms.

Corporate Citizenship

FOREFORNT has developed a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to corporate citizenship that we believe aligns with IBM’s values and maximizes the impact we can make as a global enterprise. We focus on specific societal issues, including the environment, community economic development, education, health, literacy, language and culture.


FOREFRONT forms strategic alliances with highly-skilled and reliable teaming partners that are equipped with level of expertise, culture and dedication to quality that our clients have come to expect. FOREFRONT works with alliance partners that are equipped with deep expertise; each with deep expertise defining and implementing strategic solutions; each with the autonomy to effectively address clients’ specific organizational and business needs; all sharing a singular commitment to long-term client success and remarkable business results.