Software Architecture & Implementation

We understand you have a job to do; our goal is to make you successful.

So, when it is time to plan, evaluate, design, develop, or deploy new technology we know you will be judged on the value the solution delivers to the business. From the beginning of any initiative, we focus on understanding the real needs of your business users and how to support them. Our highly experienced consultants possess broad and deep knowledge across multiple practice areas and collaborate across the entire organization to share their knowledge.

So whether you are evaluating, designing, developing, or deploying a business transformation technology, our consultants will help you choose and deliver the right business solution on time and on budget. We provide the following services to support your initiatives:

IT Strategy / Architecture

We understand the speed of business today means that “getting it done” can lead to complex and sometimes inefficient architectures and complex infrastructures. We can help you bring order, efficiency, and scalability to your enterprise systems and infrastructure. Our consultants focus on leveraging what currently exists to bring quick wins while designing and building solutions which reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of your business.

Application Development & Integration

We offer full service software development from design to implementation and acceptance. Since each of our consultants is skilled in multiple practice areas, they possess both a broad set of technical expertise and the business acumen to ensure the solution will fully achieve your business needs.

Solution Assessments

With our breadth of experience, vendor independence, and ability to identify strategy and detail an execution plan, we are well positioned to perform solution assessments. Whether it is a specific technology implementation assessment or an enterprise architecture assessment, our consultants can help identify current issues, short term wins, longer term vision, and a detailed implementation plan. With a broad base of consulting experience, we can assess the best solution fit to deliver high value results.

Vendor Selection & Implementation Services

Vendor selection is not about which technology is best; it is about which technology is best for your business. We follow a vendor selection processes which identifies the appropriate definition of end user needs leveraging user focus groups which provide continuous feedback on requirements, usability, and implementation issues. Once selected, we lead, manage, and design the business solution, but we also know that a great solution starts with engaging your people and empowering them to facilitate change. Our consultants understand that creating an environment of user adoption is essential for success. We emphasize frequent user communications, a user friendly QA process, and multi-faceted end user training designed to meet the user’s business needs and availability.

Business Systems Analysis

Our consultants are proven technology experts, but they also have the business acumen to perform business systems analysis services for our clients. Possessing these combined skills enables our consultants to truly understand and define the business problem while being able to interpret those needs to the development team. We can serve as the liaison between the business and IT, to ensure the solutions achieve the business needs.

IT Governance

Technology today provides solutions for almost anything. This often pressures organizations to react quickly to business needs without a formal structure for prioritizing technology projects, generating complexity and clouding the bigger picture. Our consultants help guide your organization to build the necessary governance and align information technology execution with your business goals. With our guidance you will define the processes, policies, and structure for how information technology is directed, administered and controlled.