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Strategy and Advisory

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Strategic Planning + Implementation
FOREFRONT works in collaboration with its clients to assist them in reaching their short and long term goals. Our strategic process involves take their industry knowledge and our experience to form a strategic collaboration that results in a company-focused strategy that advances their organization's goals forward. We utilize methods that start with a full understanding of your organization's industry or marketplace, coupled with the insight and creativity needed to forge a unique focus in today's fast changing and consistently competitive industry environments.

Our industry insight and knowledge across public, private and non-governmental sectors leads to results that ensure that our clients reach targeted outcomes based on a clear strategic and implementation path.


Operational Strategy

    Forefront LLC
    At FOREFRONT we approach operations as a common core business practice throughout an organization from the top in the CEO Suite to lower levels at the point at which the service or product is delivered.

    FOREFRONT understands the importance of the role strategic planning can play for forecast where a company is and where it sets its future to be.

    As organizations define their core business capabilities, make insourcing and outsourcing decisions, decide on expansion of services or reductions in operations, it is critical for all operational components in an organization to understand and communicate their operation strategy and share their respective contributions on one accord to reach the intended goal and outcome.

Process + Performance Improvement

    Forefront LLC
    Many organizations have introduced performance improvement strategies such as Process Reengineering, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Lean initiatives, as well as others. However, many still continue to struggle to control and stabilize process improvements. FOREFRONT focuses on methods that are essential to the long-term performance and control of best practice service and product delivery processes.

    FOREFRONT can provide expertise in helping organizations understand the core elements of its processes, the keys pathways in which the output flow, and the important factors within that impact that flow. Our consultants can provide expertise that helps organizations better understand Process Improvement methods and strategies that best work with each company's size, culture and industry.


Forefront LLC

Execution is the single most important difference between successful organizations and organizations with a good idea and no ability to execute it. Execution is what separates businesses and their ability to incorporate innovative ideas that permeate action and throughout the company top to bottom and is experienced by the end user. No single approach is applicable to our clients as we relentlessly seek to understand our client's companies their culture, capabilities, and objectives in order to improve business goals. FOREFRONT's consultants have deep industry insight across various industries and skill to assess, plan and implement execution strategies that result in long term successful outcomes and build sustainable capacity.

Forefront LLC

Overcoming traditional workplace culture, out-dated methods and ways of thinking can be challenging, particularly when organizational change is needed. FOREFRONT possesses a long history and successful track record in helping companies resolve urgent situations and implement strategies for rapid change. Our current business environments are in a state of flux and continuous change. FOREFRONT consultants are re-engineering and restructuring experts, but because we're operations and programmatic experts we understand how to assess organizations, create innovative strategies, manage the implementation process and restructuring accordingly in order to retain maximum value.

FOREFRONT's Change Management services help clients effectively manage the transition process to make sure people are ready, willing, and able to perform effectively in the new environment. We believe that our Change Management process helps prepare the workforce for our client meet industry changes, training needs, business process interruptions and technology needs. FOREFRONT's Change Management process focuses on supporting executive leadership decision-makers, staff at various levels, as well as stakeholders in order to set new benchmarks and develop new strategies that are in alignment with organization's goals, that are sustainable and ensure a return on investment.

Forefront LLC

FOREFRONT is committed to the idea that a clear, compelling identity can enable breakthroughs in management, performance and audience perceptions. We develop and implement strategies that increase appreciation and enthusiasm for our clients – in a way that commands a premium for their products and services. We specialize in the design, production, and launch of complete marketing and branding services.

We have completed a wide range of projects for a diverse set of clients. We approach each project by first understanding your mission, developing a set of project goals, and then delivering a solution customized to your needs. Whether it's a short-term ROI gain or a long-term brand proposition, we build brands that stand apart and get results.

Forefront LLC

FOREFRONT helps organizations more effectively adapt to the ever-changing technological and digital changes being experienced by businesses, organizations, teams, groups and individuals both internally and externally. We can assess and examine the current status of our client's current position in their industry and provide insight on better utilization of technology to enable employees to collaborate and innovate, anytime, anywhere and through any and all devices. Out external contacts outside of FOREFRONT focuses on the use of social media for more meaningful engagement with clients, stakeholders, investors and prospective partners and employees.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions

Forefront LLC FOREFRONT has the organization capability to provide business intelligence and analytics solutions to its clients. FOREFRONT's business intelligence and analytics solutions service assists our clients in maximizing the opportunity to turn business data into strategic information that can lead to new innovations and game-changing results. In recent years, business data and the rate at which it's delivered has grown exponentially. FOREFRONT aids its client's in meeting the challenge of assessing vital facts from big pools of data that results in meaningful insights and getting them into the hands of key decision makers when and how they need them.

At FOREFRONT, we help your company understand and unlock the power of analyzing data - identifying risk management issues, service delivery trends, new revenue opportunities and organizational improvement.
FOREFRONT has helped clients:
  • Understand vendor trends, risks and practices
  • Increase efficiency and control
  • Streamline service delivery
  • Focus management's performance improvement activities

FOREFRONT has assisted its public, private and non-governmental clients in the area of social services, and public sector enterprises. We work together with major decision-makers of these industries to get the most out of their own data to make strategic decisions that help them reach achieve their goals.

Recruitment, Staffing & Sourcing

FOREFRONT believes organizations today need access to top resources and talent to enable them to successfully execute various work projects with short or long term to support your on-going needs when and where you need the support. FOREFRONT utilizes talent with years of experience and expertise in various industries to provide the best industry professionals for our clients' needs. Our goal is to understand the exact position requirements of your company to ensure that we provide the most suitable and qualified candidates. Our flexible approach gives you the following options:

  • Contract Staff
  • Contact-to-Hire
  • Full-time Hire
  • Recruiting Assistance

When it comes to Sourcing, FOREFRONT has helped a wide range of clients determine the most appropriate sourcing strategy among insourcing, outsourcing, offshoring, and other blended models. We can assess current arrangements, develop strategies, select providers and assist with contracting.


Forefront LLC

Ensure successful user adoption and get the best return on your IT solution investment through our specialized training and support. Our team will work with you to create custom-training packages that conform to your business needs. FOREFRONT Consulting specializes in a range of public and private training for companies and for individuals that includes:

  • On-Line Learning Development Systems
  • On-Demand webinars
  • Hands-on lab exercises
  • Live Instructor Lead Courses

Business Process Optimization

Most companies realize the value of efficient, consistent and scalable business processes, but struggle when it comes to driving process improvement.

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